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Responsibilities and Duties Handled

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best organizations out there. These engagements have given me the experience and helped horn my project management skills

Senior Technical Advisor – MSMEs Digitalisation2023-04-19T00:24:17+03:00

August 2022 – Present

Location: Kenya

The Digital Transformation Centre (DTC) Kenya is an initiative of the German Development Cooperation co-financed by the European Union (EU), established to support the country’s digital transition towards a sustainable and human-centered digital economy and society.

My key role(s) include: –

  • Set up and successfully operationalize the first-ever green Digital Innovation Hub (gDIH) in Kenya/Africa. The Green Digital Innovation Hub (gDIH) is designed to help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Kenya to access technology and innovation resources. The gDIH aims to foster a culture of digital innovation and entrepreneurship by providing MSMEs with the tools, skills, and networks they need to succeed in the digital economy. It will act as a platform to collaborate, learn, and grow while promoting environmentally sustainable business practices.Sectors and technologies with high impact on the green and digital transformation (twin transition) and, simultaneously, high importance to the Kenyan economy have been chosen as a focus of the gDIH. Sectors include Agriculture, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and Energy, while the technology focus has been set to Automation (AI, IoT/Sensor Networks), Cyber/IT Security, and Cloud Computing.
  • Steering the implementation of the Rural Women Entrepreneurs project, a project aimed at ensuring that communities, particularly women, are leading their nutrition improvement through contextually tailored nutrition promotion, agroecological product development, and digital service delivery.
  • Advise other GIZ Kenya projects on how they can include digital approaches in their portfolio
  • Work on strengthening the cooperation with other Digital Transformation Projects/initiatives, regionally & globally, among other roles
Digital Launchpad Project Manager: Africa118 – Digital Launchpad2022-07-28T16:54:17+03:00

January 2021 – July 2022

Location: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda

The Digital LaunchPad project is a project sponsored by the Norwegian Agency for Development (NORAD). The project equips and supports 3000 African SMEs to achieve and sustain success in their businesses by providing them with Digital Launch¬Pad, a comprehensive package of digital tools and expertise, to enhance their competitiveness and access to global markets.

Some of my achievements were: –

  • Conducted digital skills need analysis to assess gaps in MSME digital presences based on foundational digital skillsets: Google business profiles, websites, Google ads, corporate e-mails & social media presence
  • Designed the Digital LaunchPad using data from needs analysis
  • Led capacity building across access to finance, brand visibility, and revenue stream increases
  • Formulated a 5-day Business Strategy Bootcamp training covering business and sales strategy, financial planning (how to apply for funding), pitching
  • Ensured a gender and youth inclusive policy wherein 50% of beneficiaries were youth/women-led MSMEs via collaborations with Youth & Women Enterprise Fund, African Women Entrepreneurship Program, Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum, Women ASSEK Members
Digital Skills Project Manager: Africa118 – Google Digital Skills2022-07-28T16:44:52+03:00

Jun 2018 – July 2022

Location: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, and Nigeria

A 5-year Google-funded program to train 10 million MSMEs entrepreneurs across Africa on how to leverage the web and digital skills to grow their business.

Some of my achievements were: –

  • Conducted digital needs assessment with a core team for Kenyan MSMEs for curriculum development
  • Developed and tailored the following curricula: digital marketing strategies, developing Google business profiles, brand establishment and SEO, marketing tools and social media leveraging, data literacy and sights for business development, digital marketing plan strategizing
  • Spearheaded a blended approach (online/offline teaching) based on needs assessment, recognizing barriers to the internet and tech access to reach urban, peri-urban, and rural MSMEs
  • Led Training of Trainers (ToT) for trainers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda to contextualize curricula and tailor them to local SME markets
  • Mapped the digital ecosystems and skills via market research, business simulations, scenario planning, benchmarking, and attending industry conferences such as the Africa Digital Skills conference in Ghana, and Google Partners’ Digital Skills in South Africa.
  • Facilitated brainstorming sessions with focus group MSMEs to collect data on the digital gap
Digitalization Manager: Digital Divide Data – African Law Library2022-07-28T16:37:31+03:00

April 2015 – Aug. 2017

Location: Switzerland

The African Law Library (ALL) is a “one-stop-shop” online portal and database that offers free legal resources for Afri¬cans from multi-disciplinary sectors, including business, academia, government, and civil society.Its key functions include the collection and digitization of African laws, court decisions, and secondary literature.

Digitized and indexed 50,000+ legal documents cutting across different categories and different African countries onto the free online portal

Project Manager: Digital Divide Data – Aunt Bertha/Find Help2022-07-28T16:30:54+03:00

Jan 2014 – Dec. 2017

Location: USA

Aunt Bertha is a company that connects social care for organizations, helping them better assist people and communities.

Indexed and human-verified 300,000+ programs that provide help to millions of people across the USA

Project Manager for Digitalization: Digital Divide Data2022-07-28T15:56:58+03:00

Dec 2011 – Dec 2017

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Led digitization of following projects: database environments

  • Pumwani Health Records: – Digitized health records of one of the major referral health facilities in East Africa
  • UNEP publications: – Digitized & in¬dexed UNEP’s physical library into an online library for ease of accessibility and research
  • Digitization of Schools under Kenya’s Ministry of Education
  • Digitization of Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) patents
  • Digitization of Kenya Bureau of Stan¬dards document

The roles included

  • Data structuring
  • Transcription
  • Data cleanup
  • Web research
  • Image enhancement through OCR technology and
  • Content conversion

Some of my academic qualifications include

Master’s Degree in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi, a Degree in Computer Science from Maseno University, and A Diploma in ICT For Development from Easter Finland University.

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